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Directory of Related Links

I've provided links to the following sites so that you may either find the support you need or the information you need.  No need to go it alone, reach out, click and latch onto what's yours for the taking.  Whether you're victim or perpetrator it's time to stop the pain

Breaking the Cycle
Offers domestic violence and sexual assault seminars and workshops for social service agencies, health care professionals, mental health professionals and community organizations.

American Women's Self-Defense Assoc.--Rape prevention/Rape awareness courses for groups, high schools and colleges in the New York metro area. Nationwide referrals.

Help for Offenders
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers--An organization founded to foster research, information , and further professional education and standards for those who treat offenders.

Stop It Now!
Calls on all abusers and potential abusers to stop and seek help, educates adults about ways to stop sexual abuse, and increases public awareness of the trauma of child sexual abuse.  Helpline.

National Center for Victims of Crime
Provides sustained victim advocacy support, referrals,  information for emotional, physical and financial concerns, legal assistance, safety planning and shelter.

National Mental Health Assoc. Resource Center
Referrals to community mental health services and information on medications, treatments.  Website features an online help desk for specific questions.

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