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Divine Perspective-Quarterly Newsletter--As women we hold our breath for a myriad of reasons--without judging or invalidating said reasons, I've simply provided a pressure free environment for women to EXHALE!  This online oasis requires only a commitment to honesty, communication, support and a willingness to share the good, the bad, the ugly and especially the issues that folks sweep under the table. Time to stop holding our breaths and EXHALE.  FEATURES: True life issues, Q&A section, spiritual, clinical and practical advice plus links to support groups, organizations and the like.  

At The Water Cooler (ATWC)--Monthly Ezine--As everyone knows, all the important information is found out at the Water Cooler. This marketing Ezine for writers of color, features markets and marketing strategies and a brag section when those markets turn up gold.  No one can tell our stories like we can.  So those of you who have made it, join us to instruct the next generation.

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