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Manageable unresolved teenage issues become potentially explosive adult issues.

Around age 14, I remember battling with thoughts of suicide.  As a recent transplant from the Island of Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies; I combated homesickness, family dysfunction, social dysfunction and the onset of manic depression (a/k/a bi-polar). 

Being a product of the West Indies, hard work was expected, dysfunctional family situations accepted, superstition prevalent and mental illness overlooked or attributed to witchcraft. 

Add to that the strong-black-woman mentality, habitual silence, the Christianity quandary and the result was a conflicted, suicidal teenager.

In retrospect I realize that
everyone has issues...some folk take them in stride, others allow their issues to become a crippling force in their lives and others deny their existence.

I have tried all of the above at some point in my life.  And come to the realization that they won't go away unless I face them, learn about them and seek help and/or assistance for what is above my capability to assist or handle by myself.

So...what are
you dealing with today? 

"hard work was expected, dysfunctional families accepted, and mental illness undetected"

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